B.Kingsley revisited. (Updated)
Jacques defontaine bk final 2017 v01

Different lighting with some color grading. That's it, I don't touch it :)

Jacques defontaine bk 2017 02

I'm going to call it done even though I still want to change things... Next!

Jacques defontaine bk wip2017 06

Still few tweaking but the end is near for this one ;)

Jacques defontaine bk wipgray2017 01

Updated a little bit and added gray render and Zbrush views.

Jacques defontaine bk wip2017 01

Updated few things

B.Kingsley revisited. (Updated)

(Update) I did some refinements. Expression, model tweak, eyes position, beard, etc. It's time to really take of the eyes shading and details.

A very old model I revisited hoping I could get a better likeness and rendering... Still have a lot of things to tweak and also add a more interesting lighting. Any critics are welcome. Thank you.

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