Another likeness attempt (WIP).
Jacques defontaine jb studiolight v01

Finally got the time to come back on this one and post the "final" render... Not totally happy but had to go on with other things. Hope you like it. Thank you

Jacques defontaine jb studiolight gray v01

The gray version

Jacques defontaine jb awardlight v01

Another lighting test

Jacques defontaine jbardem wip v12

Got my new pc and did the transfer from alshaders to arnold 5. Still few things to do but last render before closing this one. Hope you like it. Thank you.

Jacques defontaine jbardem wip gray v12

Gray render.

Jacques defontaine jbardem wip v11

Arnold render

Jacques defontaine jb zbrush v01

Zbrush screen

Another likeness attempt (WIP).

Have been trying to get another celebrity likeness.
Clothes are still wip, my very old pc is dying using xgen so I'll have to wait my new one to arrive and also have to figure out an cool facial expression so it doesn't look too boring.
Hope you like it and critiques/feedback are welcome. Thank you

More artwork
Jacques defontaine rperlman front v00Jacques defontaine ct final 02Jacques defontaine women wip 07